Friday, January 27, 2017

Cannabis Cured My Epilepsy - Almost Two Years Seizure Free

It is the only drug that has ever stopped my life-long seizure disorder. I had seizures for almost 40 years. I had my first seizure when I was 4 years old. In May of 2017 I will be two years seizure free.

Cannabis is the only drug I use to prevent seizures.Cannabis is the only drug I use for chronic debilitating nerve pain.Cannabis is the only drug I use to treat Multiple Sclerosis symptoms.

I am a legally registered medical marijuana patient.I am able to pay for the total cost of treatment out-of-pocket.I have experienced no negative physical or psychological side effects.

I love seeing children cured of their disabling diseases by cannabis.I love contributing to the world again.
Keep the sun shining!



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