Friday, February 26, 2016

Daily Life with Multiple Sclerosis - I Started Therapy

Hey, I made that!
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I started seeing a therapist yesterday and it was weird. It felt like everything was odd and out-of-character in some way, like everyone was trying too hard to become a part of today's story.

It is 98 degrees outside and the therapist is wearing a full three piece wool suit. Nobody else at this practice dresses that way, most are in t-shirts and shorts to be quite honest, I live in a very dress-down rural place where it's too hot to get too formal. So yeah, a three piece suit!

The suit and its vest were beautifully cared for and were accessorized by the most perfectly manicured male hands I have ever seen. Damn. My phone is buzzing...

Phone/not therapist story.....

Now the pharmacy jock on the phone is telling me about how my medicine can cause seizures or exacerbate seizures (I haven't experienced any increase/whatev) and then he goes on about site reactions and have I had any. Yes. Yesterday a few of the sites I had injected the previous week swelled up and got red and itchy. Maybe because I was out in the heat? All he said was "that's weird". Thanks, that's very helpful information.

Oh, the therapist, he seemed to like me A LOT, not like weird creepy but on the border. I do not need to be told "Out of the thousands of people i have worked with, you are one of THE MOST fascinating, funny and brilliant I have ever met. I mean that sincerely." The therapist told me that within the first half hour. IS THAT NORMAL? WHAT THE HELL?

He feels that I have adjustment related depression; I'm adjusting to having MS. He suggested I write a best seller (because I'm the most fascinating person ever and his life will never be as fascinating as the life he imagines I have had). I laughed and asked if he'd ever published anything or knew anything about how stressful and hard the writing and publishing world are.

We haven't had an actual therapy session yet, this is just all the paperwork/intake bullshit that took two hours to do. A lot of computer screen questions.

I'm still on the phone...Pharmacy jock goes over "usual side effects". 

“You may experience dimpling, indentations, that do not go away, generally after years of use of Copaxone, while unsightly, this is not life threatening.” 

Sorry, I made a laughing snorting sound. Go on.. 

“You may experience lesser effects if you rotate your injection sites regularly.”Your skin might die. No big whoop.“You may experience 'flushing'. Flushing may begin as a feeling of a heat flash immediately following an injection, generally within 30 to 60 seconds. This may be followed by shortness of breath, chest tightness and extreme anxiety. You should remain seated if this happens. You may feel that your life is in danger, this is normal, you will not die, remain seated. If you ever experience “flushing” it is more likely for you to experience it again. You can try taking Tylenol????” You might feel like you gonna die. Sit the fu*k down.

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