Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Multiple Sclerosis - Drugs Plus Disinformation Equals Disservice

You know what grinds my gears?

Incorrect information.
Unnecessary arguments.
Promises of false hope.

My Neurologist's PA had an argument with me about Copaxone. She told me that within three months it would CURE my symptoms. Whaaaat? Yes, she used the word cure. I shook my head and as politely and quietly as possible said a few words. "That's not what the literature says. Where did you get this information?"

She told me that my symptoms would go away completely in three months. She was adamant about this. I told her that I started taking the medication with the understanding that it might help reduce the frequency of relapses, nothing more, nothing less. Shared Solutions had been very clear with me up front that Copaxone was not meant to be used for day-to-day symptom relief. Day-to-day symptom management is a different animal.The PA still insisted that the medication was a cure. Whaaaat?

Ya know, I am not a doctor, my previous medical education and work was purely clinical lab - I was all about mice, petri dishes, viruses, bacteria, DNA - a glorified bottle washer and button sorter in a lab coat!

My mind, which is thankfully still capable of critical thinking, is blown. It's perfectly fine for you and I to informally say, "Hey, I feel better since I've been taking the Copaxone!". That's great. Anecdotally, perhaps some people do feel that they have a complete recovery from existing symptoms after a short period of time. Awesome! We're not doctors. Unfortunately, anecdotes are not science and by stating such as fact you do an incredible disservice to your patients. It is both bad business and bad medicine. written 7 months ago by RQ in her secret diary


  1. Kinda like my doc telling me my thyroid medication would cure my celiac...

  2. Wow. Why? It's not just happening to me?


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