Thursday, February 18, 2016

Secret Depression Diary Archive - Thursday's Jam

--Thursday's Jam--Watching Williams and Sharapova on ESPN this morning. Today is my day off! On most days, for the past month, my 9 month old grandson has stayed with me while his mama is at work. While I am not capable of caring for a baby by myself, I can care for one with major assistance. I can do anything given I have someone else provide 100% full-time backup to do the job for me. Heh. It's good. It keeps me connected to my family. It's good even at times when I can do little more than lie down and watch my grandson play. It's been a week full of medical testing appointments and baby shuffling. I put off starting Copaxone for another day. Maybe tonight. No pressure. I was going to start on Tuesday but I was a sobbing exhausted mess covered in welting mosquito bites by the end of the day. I don't know why but mosquitoes and bugs in general love to bite me. written 7 months ago by RQ in her secret diary

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