Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Multiple Sclerosis - The Solumedrol Days - Doggone It!

Hey Kev, is your vet accepting new patients?
Sheeeiiit. What a week.

Well, I was iffy about taking oral steroids for a relapse. The good news is that I had no side effects; the bad news is that my Neurologist prescribed me a dose of Solumedrol suitable for a small dog.

How did I ever figure this out? My friend's Chihuahua started the same regimen on the same day! Wait, Kevin the Chihuahua weighs 7 lbs and has "itchies". I, an adult female human, weigh at least TWICE that amount and had a damn MS relapse! I am looking for a competent Neurologist. My numbness has increased. My hearing has deteriorated. However, the exquisitely torturous nerve pain that has resided in my body for years has eased since I started Cymbalta. I saw a psychiatrist lately who treats a number of patients with MS. I am hoping that this ninth attempt at better living through chemistry works better than the previous eight. written 7 months ago by RQ in her secret diary


  1. Cymbalta does work wonders on nerve pain!!!! Not a cure-all but yes, eases it. I would like to prescribe some Cymbalta to your Neuro to ease anal pain from head lodged there.

  2. Thankfully that neurology practice no longer accepts my insurance. Heh.


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